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Springtime 2020 news from Kindred Coast

Posted on April 15 2020

Here in Kindred Coast land, we're feeling the changes as much as the next person. We had gone all out booking markets and festivals for the Spring and Summer, but as Covid -19 hit the world, all these gatherings were cancelled.


As we now stay home and practice social distancing, we have had to rethink our strategy if we are to continue to stay in business. We have been focusing more online, having weekly sales of specific tees, and working hard to make new prints.


We hope our super soft tees with inspiring prints will help people stay motivated, stay safe during these difficult times.

Our newest print, Bear and Wolf:

Bear and Wolf tshirt unsiex

No more markets, for now.

We are sad to say that we won't be at the Saltspring Saturday market in April for sure, most likely May as well... and we do not know yet when if at all there will be a 'normal' market again this season.


Please shop our sale Etsy Shop online if you were hoping to see us in person! Any and all support (even just commenting or sharing our social media posts) is a massive help right now, and we LOVE you for it!!


We have been blessed with wonderful customers over the years and have no doubt that we can all weather this storm together and come out the other side healthy, strong and smiling.


Stay well friends.


And please don't hesitate to reach out if there was anything you were hoping to find at a market from us!



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