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Where are we now? Spring 2024

Posted on April 01 2024

Welcome to Kindred Coast, where every stitch tells a story of our love for the West Coast and sustainable fashion.

Picture yourself in the heart of Vancouver Island, Canada, surrounded by the serene beauty of local beaches and vast forests. Here in Parksville, at our printing studio - located at 464 Island Hwy E Unit 7 - our passion for creating eco-friendly clothing comes to life! 

Step into our world, where every design is a work of art crafted with originality and care. Our designer, fueled by a deep connection to the great outdoors, draws inspiration from the coastal wonders that surround us. From the rugged mountains to the playful kelp forests, each print is a tribute to the adventures we live and the nature we cherish.

Choosing Kindred Coast isn't just about buying clothes; it's about joining a community that values sustainability and adventure. When you order from us, you're not only supporting local makers, but also making a conscious choice for the planet!

Ordering is a breeze! If you're local, opt for the pick-up option during checkout and swing by our studio, or catch us at one of the lively local markets by leaving a note with your order. Running on a busy schedule? No worries! We've got a 24-hour lockbox ready for you to enter our secret code! Don't worry, we'll fill you in later!

Dreaming of something custom or in the market for wholesale tees? Let's make it happen! Drop us an email or fill out our custom order form (under the contact tab above), and we'll bring your vision to life! All you need is a minimum order of 25 shirts to get you started.

And if you simply want to switch up an existing design, colour option, or style to match your needs, we've got you covered for a $5.00 printing fee for single tees & apparel! For example, we could print the BC Animals shown below on a heather army green tee instead, with black ink.

As we embrace the arrival of Spring, with Summer just on the horizon, we are THRILLED to unveil our latest collection. Immerse yourself in coastal-inspired designs made from sustainable fabrics, tailored for adventurers who seek both style and sustainability. Experience the joy of wearing pieces that not only look good but also align with an eco-conscious mindset and love for the great outdoors!

Thank you for being a part of our Kindred Coast family. We cannot wait to embark with you on a journey filled with style, sustainability, and the spirit of the West Coast this year! Until then, explore our Spring/Summer 2024 collection today and discover your next favourite piece!




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