Behind the Scenes- Kindred Coast Studio Tour

October 15, 2018

This summer we at Kindred Coast were lucky enough to have a local photographer visit our studio! Michael Levy of Flat Earth Photography came by and took some great shots of us as we worked in the studio, getting ready for market days.


 We screen print everything by hand in the home studio, using screens that we make from recycled materials. No fancy screen printing press here, just hard work and attention to detail!


After screen printing each item, we let them air dry, and then iron to heat set the design. This ensures the print stays strong and doesn't fade when washing.

Next we fold the shirts, and get them ready for sale at a local market.

 We also sew our own designs, making hoodies, tank tops, scarves and pillows (and much more) from recycled materials. We try to source all our materials from recycled sources, using end of roll material that was previously destined for the landfill. This way we don't create a demand for more material to be made, and also use up what is already available.


 This also ensures that our handmade items are limited never know how much material we can get our hands on! Sometimes there is only enough to make 5-10 items before we use it up... so if you like something, let us know!


Our team is small, but we work hard, and love what we do. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for the support, we get to keep doing our best.

 Thanks for stopping by, and look for our latest creations in our etsy shop here and follow along on the adventure via Instagram here!


Also check out Michaels other amazing photos via his Instagram here: @ssiilluminati

Thanks so much for the awesome shots Michael!



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