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May 3, 2018

Last year I was approached by two local women, Leo Mahlke and Rebecca Grim, here on Saltspring Island, with an interesting plan. They were going to kayak from the gulf islands in Canada, all the way north along the Inside Passage, to Glacier Bay, Alaska. I was immediately impressed, as I know from personal experience how difficult long kayak journeys can be.

They had seen my work at the local market, and asked if I would be willing to design them a logo for their journey, as they began the massive task of promoting, planning, and finding sponsors.


We worked together over the next couple months and ended up coming up with the final product. Their Paddling North logo features the mountains they will see heading north, the waves and ocean currents they will paddle over.

Rebecca and Leo seen here modelling their tees on Saltspring Island, BC.


We have since printed up multiple tshirts and tank tops for them to sell in their Etsy Shop,  to help fund their trip north.


As their departure date of May 19th gets closer and closer, Bex and Leo are looking for that final push in fundraising, to help them buy the necessary recording gear needed to document their trip. They plan on stopping along the way, meeting and interviewing inspiring women. 


“These are conservationists, scientists, activists and fisherwomen. We are going to meet and interview them along our route, talk about their tremendously important work and the environmental injustices that are currently taking place along the coast of B.C. and Southeast Alaska,” -Leo

 To contribute to their campaign, please head to their GoFundMe page. Every bit helps!


I would also suggest following along on their Instagram page to see their adventure unfold! It's going to be such a beautiful trip. Find them at >  @paddlingnorth


These two are super inspiring, strong women that we can all aspire to be more like. I admire their spirits and strong work ethic, and yet they are hilarious to boot! Follow along and watch as they raise awareness for the issues along our coast, and hopefully we can all learn a thing or two of how we can do better and be kinder to our Earth.








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