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February 12, 2015


These fun little Accent Pillows are helping reduce our waste.


I have always tried to recycle as much as possible in my personal life, and have strived to decrease the amount of waste I send out into the world. This year, I am focusing this energy onto my business as well.

Usually in a textile business, there are scraps left over that are too small to sew into any product. These scraps generally just get thrown out, and add to the growing problem of waste in our world. Like any other textile business, I have these scraps as well.


But this year, I am  making my off cuts and scraps into small decorative pillows instead, recycling the last bits. This way they have a new use, can be appreciated further and will not end up in a landfill. Because of the weight of fabric, I keep the pillows small and sweet.


I have also kept up recycling by using scrap wood when making my art wood prints. With these I appreciate the natural texture of the reclaimed wood, and often don't try to mask it, as I feel it makes each piece unique!


If you are at the market on Saltspring Island in the summer time, be sure to stop by and get yourself one! Help me continue the trend to reduce waste and increase creativity and happy memories.


Thanks for reading! xo


I find they work perfect as a car pillow, travel pillow or I’ve been told even a meditating pillow. I make fun little screen printed covers for each one, keeping them unique and cute.

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