It all started with a love of fashion and art, and a ambition to meld both of those creative outlets together. Our passion behind Kindred Coast Designs comes from the desire to have new unique clothing and accessories, but without compromising the health of the earth to get it. We use recycled materials as much as possible, and love to share our creations with you. We are all about creating a Eco-conscious business that also minimizes our impact on the environment.

Based on Saltspring Island, BC, our specialty is creating sustainable surf style for yourself and your home. All of our products are hand made or hand printed with sustainable and recycled materials, with the Kindred Coast lifestyle in mind.

We know that a concern for the earths well being matters. Why create a demand for new materials and completely new items when there is so much out there just headed for a landfill? We aren’t your average clothing company, we create items in small runs or one of a kind, using up excess materials previously headed for the dump. This way you can support a small company, get some new (to you) clothing and know you are helping out our big ol’ world.

To check out more of our story and what inspires us, go to the Kindred Coast Etsy shop or check out our Instagram page @kindredcoast for photo inspiration.

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Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

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